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Net Nanny 6.0

Net Nanny provides a powerful parental control to fight Internet menaces
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Net Nanny provides powerful parental control to fight all sorts of Internet menaces. With this utility, we can get to know what our children are searching for on the Net, view their send/received e-mail/instant messages, chat, etc. We can view the reports on Web activity, instant message activity, social networking profiles, and instant message alerts. We can view Internet activity for a specific date or period, classified by categories: e-mail, games, chat, kids, music, and so on. We can control our children's activities, even from a remote computer. It does not make any difference if we have one or several computers at home, we can control all of them remotely. We will know if our children are playing with the computer instead of doing his homework, their friends’ identity, the type of conversation they are having, the type of messages they are receiving, etc. We can control the time spend on the Internet, set passwords, filter content and applications, manage alerts, add more user's account, manage games, and much more. It is also possible to set Web/programs exceptions. This application can send alert messages to our mobile phone so that we can act accordingly. We can try this program free of charge for 15 days. We need to register our e-mail address, and enter the registration number to complete this program's installation. We will also receive a password, which gives access to the user's interface every time we open it. This program runs under Windows and Mac platforms.

Review summary


  • User-friendly password-protected interface.
  • Free evaluation.
  • It provides powerful parental control.
  • We can set filters/exception.
  • It can be used remotely


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